Keywords: Exposing plants, seeds, magnetic pulses, genetic anomalies, toxicity.

PAP IMI device has unbelievable results in the grouth of plants and seeds. Bibligraphy has references to similar cases in growing of plants using magnetic pulses. The results as well as previous evidences, were not always replicable, and some results failed to work in practical applications. On the contrary the results of the PAP IMI device in plants are replicable and significant, as this is proved in related research by the Agriculture University of Athens. In addition there did not appear any genetic anomalies, toxicity or harm in the exposed plants, on the contrary it proved to be very effective in speeding up the grouth of plants, even under unfavorable conditions that did not surpass the expected mainsail grouth of the plants. Related results have also been found for three years in succession by the Papnikolau Institute of the Hospital Saint, Savva, in small animals that grew up and multiplied to serial generations, without genetic or other anomalies.

The Agriculture University of Athens continues the research on practical application with the PAP IMI device in the grouth of plants and seeds. Related dissertations are the most elaborate cooperation with the Educational and Technologic Institute of Pirea.

Below are shown photos of experiments on the grouth of plants and seeds using the PAP IMI device. Each experiment lasts for about 5 minutes to 1 hour.



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